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This blog is for individuals who want to invest in Massachusetts. This blog is geared towards real estate investors as well as first time homebuyers in Worcester County. 

Are you interested in learning real estate investing?
If you are new to real estate investing, it is smart to invest in your education for real estate investments. There is some upfront knowledge that can benefit you to prevent you from making mistakes on your purchase.
Real Estate investing in the Worcester County area can present many opportunities. There are many mistakes that can be avoided by learning about the area and demographics of the towns. Keep in mind, there are no “perfect” investments but you can build wealth if you buy right! Here are some tips to know before you buy in Massachusetts.  
Areas of Massachusetts can be a great place to invest but deals can be found anywhere! Worcester County as cheaper entry prices the other locations (Boston, and surrounding towns).  
Before you start looking at deals it is best to determine how you will finance the deal. You want to find a lender who has worked with investors. Your ability to obtain financing will determine your real estate investing career.

5 Core Principles

Understand Risk
High risk, high reward. Typically the higher expected return, the more risk and management. Think about your target tenants before you purchase. What is your tenant demographic?

Research and stick to the numbers
The numbers don’t lie. Don’t fall for things such as “huge returns” or “perfect investment”. Focus on your cash flow and return on investment.

Stick to a specific area
Initially, pick a few target areas where to want to invest. Is your area primed for growth long term? Does your investment have a change of appreciation? If you keep switching your areas, you will never learn about one area, and make the deal happen. Pick one niche and learn it inside and out. Focus on one investment. The more you study, the more knowledgeable you become.

Real Estate is hyper local. Your goal should to become a true expert in your area. To learn, join a local real estate investing group, and let others know you are interested in investing. If you don’t tell people, you are missing opportunities.

Since you plan on investing, understand it takes time! There is no “get rich quick” scheme. It is okay if it takes months to make your investment. Don’t overpay for a bad deal. One will come later and you will be very prepared since you are learning before you buy. One of the best ways to learn is to analyze deals! Receiving hyper local searches can help you learn the market and prices for the area.

Where is the best place to real-estate invest in Massachusetts?
This question can’t be answered easily. It depends on many factors. There are lower entry prices in Worcester as well as Fitchburg.

College Rentals
College rentals are a very popular niche in real estate. Worcester has 13 colleges itself! This can be near Worcester Polytechnic Institute (01609), Worcester State University (01602), or Clark University (01610). These three areas demographics vastly differ so it is important to learn the areas before making offers.  If considering a college rental, consider how much student housing is available in comparison to the commuters. Also, consider have a co signer on the lease since you want to ensure rent gets paid on a timely fashion.

Developed communities
You can consider looking for a “blue collar” subdivision if you don’t want to consider college rentals. There will be more investments if you broaden your search. You want to look at 2-3 locations then find your niche. In blue collar areas, there is a healthy economic base with central hospitals such as UMass Medical. Consider the commute to 495, 146 as well as the Pike. Travel will be a major factor in your rental. Is it convenient to major job hubs, as well as getting into Boston or to Springfield?

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