Steve Bracero 
Real Estate Agent, Heisler & Mattson
182 Turnpike Road #209 Westborough, MA 01582 
Phone: 774-232-2526


Steve Bracero is An Investor Friendly Real-Estate Agent in Worcester County, MA

Steve is an investor friendly agent (who invests himself). Whether you are looking for your first investment, or build your portfolio, having an investor friendly agent is crucial. I also specialize  working with first time homebuyers. There are great locations to invest in Massachusetts, you just need to know which pockets and areas to look!

In Massachusetts, there are plenty of areas to look for investment properties. I am very familiar with residential real estate multifamily (2-4 units). This includes: duplex’s, triplex’s and fourplex’s. Single family homes and condo’s could also be potential investments.

Overall, I enjoy working with clients who want to invest in real estate for their future. There are numerous benefits of investing that I would love to share with you. Although, we cannot predict the future, we can take calculated risks and chose your next investment.